Now That's What I Call Alternative Literature

volume 1
volume 2


Hello my name is Emily and I really don’t want to work in PR

Hello my name is Emily and I really don’t want to work in PR
I thought I did but I changed my mind
and now my mind is a jumbled up mess of ideas and plans that I will probably never fulfil
I don’t know what I want to do but I feel comfortable in this moment.

I have this MIDI song stuck in my head and it’s making me remember you.

Please add me to your Pagan webring
it’s been really hard trying to meet other Pagan’s and I’m glad I’ve found you.

I need to tidy my room,

my mum is crying

I’m listening to underground hip hop mixtapes I downloaded for free on the internet,

it is Tuesday.

I could go outside today wearing two pairs of tights and just thinking about that makes me happy.

There is a spider somewhere in my room and it has been here for just over a week now
I am proud of my ability to co exist with this spider.

Today I told my mum ‘YOLO’
today my mum punched me in the face.

The weather today is somewhere in between sunny and not sunny
and raining and not raining
this is what The Cure meant by ‘inbetween days’.

My mum just said “i’m shutting my eyes for half an hour”,
that’s called sleep mum.

I am listening to dial up noises whilst I write this
I have been listening to dial up noises for a good hour or so now
I have no idea why I am listening to dial up noises

literally everywhere

people burning everything

stealing everything


emily louise church, 23, lives just outside of london, uk. unsatisfied intern by day, facebook addict by night.