Now That's What I Call Alternative Literature

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'phone sex'

i am speaking to you on the phone and my face is hot because i don’t know what to say

i consider saying ‘i feel very anxious talking to you on the phone despite the fact that at this point i should probably feel comfortable communicating with you—

'i fear i am boring you.'

instead i stay silent. you talk to other people that are with you in person

they tell you to tell me hi

after twenty-one minutes and seven seconds you decide to get off the phone.

i feel like there is something very heavy pressing on my chest but not  in the good way that i often describe after you say something romantic to me.

i briefly wonder if

you feel this too if

we both were sitting there on the phone with our faces feeling hot because we didn’t know what to say

if it is natural for us to feel some degree of awkwardness around one another

i briefly wonder if

feeling comfortable around you would ruin things

for some reason i am reminded of the time

i was drunk and i texted jack:

'i want to kissssssssssss u' and 'next time i see you i will be too nervous to talk to you' and he said 

'good aesthetic'



i am vomiting black smoke
 i think this job is getting the better of me
  no seriously i think i’m gonna kill myself
   i’m using a pen with jesus on it
    someone said, ‘haha that’s retail for you’


moon temple is an orbiting sattelite. she has published one chapbook called moon temple dreaming. you can see mostly picture of her and some poems at

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