Now That's What I Call Alternative Literature

volume 1
volume 2


ha ha ha wow i feel so sad
haven’t felt this sad since i cried in your car
when we sat outside of my house
for five hours
after the party
we didn;t hold hands

i feel stuck at the bottom of the sea
deep sea
ocean sea
dark cold sea
look here
i am in the wateer lookat me
i am forced between your shoulderblades
and feel me, here
you have held me deep inside your lungs i am
in your lungs i am
in my lungs so help

i like you i like you i like you

every time i breathe i feel a little bit happier
i am reminded that i am alive and that i
exist i
you exist

there is a future wherein you
and i are together
we hug each other and play yahtzee on the floor
and light candles when it’s dark
we don’t let the deer see us

there is a future wherein i am always where you are

sometimes this future exists and
sometimes not

whe n i am deep in the sea of you your lungs your smile your apathy i am there
we hug
i know ther eis no future

thats ok you are me
don’t laugh please i am you
dont cry
please we are here

all i want to see are the stars and
you always
always us
and the stars don’t let the deer see you
when i am in the empty sea
of me


hannah fantana is a poet/blogger from san diego. she likes orange juice and also quiet huggeing. someone please break her nose.