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Two Poems by Earl Rose

i h8 u sex

This girl. She meets this guy one spring & they end up moving in together that summer. He’d needed a roommate to share a third of rent & she needed a place to stay after moving out of her dorm for the summer. They dated for only a month & a half before she moved in. She often enjoyed saying “i hate you” during sex. Furious eye contact, passion all teeth. All the sweat a sheen over her short hair. That sexy shaved head. He learned to love it. It startled him in its intensity the first time. He almost started laughing but instead he just stared into her eyes & kept up the quickening pace of the steady thrust. She would stare in the mirror and say it at them. She would get her face shoved into the bed & she would smile & scream “i hate you”. This is a true story. This was the year 2007. This girl moved to Alaska.


love in two statements

love is two monkeys in a bathtub

love is ripping your face off to find a pummeled heart in your skull


Earl Rose is a boy. 
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