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'回文のような何か' by Mike Kleine

Tokyo, nighttime.

At the place, where the earthquake happened.

A thin man.


The young reporter.

Charanjit Singh, in the upstairs dining room, by himself.

“Now is a good time, actually, the best time, probably, to interview.”


Yellow, lights.

Music, quiet.

Orange: everything.

Charanjit Singh, smiling.

Interpreter, “from Mauritius.”

“All of this, is very bad.”

“People forget.”


Smoke and cigarettes.

Words on a piece of graph paper.

Ten minutes.

Everything is happening.

At the same time, in the downstairs.

The Return of Misaki.

A middle-aged woman, this time.

A digital voice recorder.

And her hand.

A failed marriage.

“I write for a very famous music magazine.”

Her real name.

Seven minutes.

“I will never forget who you are.”

Another earthquake.

Interpreter from Mauritius


The thin man.

“I now understand everything, yes.”

Everything, is done.

And then.

Taxicab, yellow.

The road, to the office.

No sound, in the sky.

Clouds, out.

Nighttime, still.

Tokyo, again.


Mike Kleine is an American author of literary fiction. He graduated from Grinnell college with a B.A. in French literature. Someday, he will begin his M.A. in English literature. He currently lives somewhere in the Midwest. Mastodon Farm (2012, Atlatl Press) is his first book.

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