Now That's What I Call Alternative Literature

volume 1
volume 2

Two poems by Nathan Masserang

Given the presence of everything before us, I find it impossible to even consider the creation of a nature poem.

I am taking my laptop to the woods
and turning their little speakers up all the way
and playing ‘Call Me Maybe’
until nature connects with the song
or the song connects with nature.

Connect me to your spotify
Connect me to your Internet
Connect me to your Facebook
We can worry about how Facebook connect
Ruins the Internet
When we get out of the woods

I am starved for natural attention
like a dog wanting to be loved in summer.
Carly Rae Jepsen is starved for natural attention
But she is doing okay now
Since we just started a wildlife fan base for her.

Listen we are almost next to nature
and I think we are getting the attention we deserve.
My computer is in a tree now
And I can’t stop saying
'dude, you're getting a dell.'


I have a cellphone and we are in the seventies and I don’t know what is going on oh my god.

Full moon as in I’m showing the world my ass
For comedic effect or to piss someone off.
Or something we are looking at as I drive us
Down I94 to get back to my house in Detroit.
I cannot tell if it is waning or waxing.
I did not pay attention in college Astronomy.
You tell me that my power lays in the moon.
I am a cancer and that much I do know.
My life in astronomy is uncertain
But you knowing my life in astrology is certain.

Tycho Brahe was a punk kid who grew up
To be an astronomer with no nose
Who believed in geocenticism.
We need more punk kids to change things in our lives
Even if they are inherently wrong
Or proven to be wrong when they are older.
I am your Johannes Kepler.
Teach me how to orbit things like your body
And your cock and your mouth.

We are listening to Com Truise really loudly
This is the music that is played in the seventies and eighties
During a science fiction film with rock stars.

And as the moon moves from left to center on the drive
I will end up at home in bed by my window
And I will tell you to paint the moon on my back
With eyeliner or sharpie or whatever will stick to skin.
And you will paint every crater and shadow
Because I told you we only see one face of the moon
And you will then take a picture and show me
And I will laugh and you will lay on top and inside of me.
A real man in the moon teaching me
About how things work in the world.


Nathan Masserang lives in Detroit. He has self published 3 ebooks (Thee Obscures Thee, Princess Harming, and U, faggote.) and he is an editor at the online queer lit zine Gayng. He wants an irl boyfriend or w/e. He enjoys an episode of Maury here and there. He wants to party with you. You can contact him all over his tumblr.