Now That's What I Call Alternative Literature

volume 1
volume 2

A short story by Eric Sanderson

the walk had led them to a spot in the woods where they could forget that they were only a quarter-mile away from the busy road where they had parked the car. the yellow leaves still half on the trees blocked the houses that lined the opposite end of the park from their sight. they spent twenty minutes roaming on meandering deer trails.

"do you want to do something after this" he asked.

"i dunno." she said.

"we could go back to my place and see that movie. i think it’s on netflix."

"i guess."

"we don’t have to. did you want to go out tonight?

"no. maybe."

"we could. i just don’t know if there is anything going on tonight. we could look something up when we get back."


"i don’t like that the train takes so long to get into the city." she said

"i guess. i don’t think it’s that bad. i usually just bring a book."

"i bring my notebook and try to draw and stuff but…" she trailed off.

"i dunno then."

"think we could still go to that dance performance thing tomorrow?" she asked.

"maybe. i don’t know if we can still get tickets."

"what? why not?"

"i dunno. i mean maybe we can."

they walked back. she began crying silently to herself. he didn’t notice until the car was in sight.


eric sanderson wrote this bio after buying a book he probably won’t finish.