Now That's What I Call Alternative Literature

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Two poems by Scott Krave

11-20 10.45pm

you are literally hot

and I remember from a social psych class that perceived attractiveness of a couple or group of people is almost averaged out.
individually if one person is an 8 and another is a 5.5, together the former is a 7.35 and the latter is a 6.3.
I think the scale skews more toward the more attractive person 

but in this situation you have a fever and your sweat turns the blankets to sheets of granite and the song through the walls tell you to baby put your hands on me but I have to object using yawns to disguise clever maneuvers

together we are a mass, 2 masses, an uncountable number of masses when we die and rot and when the sun expands and burns everything off the face of the earth we’ll become gases dancing in each other’s gravity

but for now I am a dormant city bus and you are my only passenger, the driver is asleep and the doors are left ajar like a set of empty hands offering cool air with exhaustive hints




the internet knows that it’s thanksgiving
american days are pronounced online and emphasize poor promises 

I have family and they are eating somewhere
I have family and they are drunk somewhere
they are tragic somewhere in grit and a dozen smoked cigarettes and learning what they already know by taking a census of their homely outcomes 

I am a paper television show and a chewed piece of gum looking out of a window into the empty drum vibrating dubstep sexuality dyed onto tapestries

I spit something political onto the internet and no one notices because bodies hardly mean a thing in print


how do I love you?
how do you not love me?
lol, so lonely


compile my empty words into a portfolio and burn it in a trashcan street fire

smile at me in a basement that smells like paint and let’s forget for just a second about the massacre outside 

be proud of how I shake in front of a poorly engineered wall of people and how I express my distaste for nuclear distress

don’t buy me a thing
don’t think I need anything but what I can accomplish
don’t slow yourself down for a second, not for for my sake


Scott Krave often falls asleep in one of three positions and wakes up in one of two. also posts some things here: